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Web design for dummies (about this book) – As a reference book, you have the luxury of reading this book any way you like. You don’t have to remember anything you read because the answer you are seeking will always be at your fingertips. Feel free to jump around from chapter to chapter, reading particular sections of the book as the needs arise, or go ahead and read this book from cover to cover like a sort of how-to manual to understand the craft of Web design. The book itself is divided into five minibooks, which are each divided into several selfcontained
chapters on a variety of particular topics.

Everything you find in this book is written simply and straightforwardly so that you can get right to the task at hand instead of having to wade through complicated technical details. When there is something of note, like the introduction of a new term, a special tip, or some geeky technical information that I think you should know, I let you know by putting an icon in the margin so that you can choose whether to read or ignore that material. Other than that, you find detailed, step-by-step instructions and easy-tounderstand descriptions of the topics at hand.

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Above all, this book is written to help make you comfortable with all the aspects that relate to the process of Web design. It is my sincere hope that you will use this book frequently and consider it the main go-to resource of your Web-design library.

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Review :

Ebook : Web Design For Dummies
Author : Sue Jenkins
Format : PDF
Page : 659

Content at a Glance

Book I: Getting Started 
Chapter 1: Starting with a Plan 
Chapter 2: Defining the Audience
Chapter 3: Gathering Content
Chapter 4: Choosing the Right Tools 
Book II: Designing for the Web 
Chapter 1: Defining the Look and Feel
Chapter 2: Mocking Up the Design
Chapter 3: Slicing and Optimizing Web Graphics
Book III: Building Web Sites 
Chapter 1: Adding Text, Images, and Links
Chapter 2: Organizing Content with Tables and Lists
Chapter 3: Styling with Cascading Style Sheets
Chapter 4: Understanding CSS Style Properties
Chapter 5: Creating Web Layouts
Chapter 6: Constructing Navigation Systems
Chapter 7: Designing Web Forms 
Chapter 8: Making Your Pages Interactive 
Chapter 9: Building Web Sites
Book IV: Web Standards and Testing
Chapter 1: Following Web Standards 
Chapter 2: Testing, Accessibility, Compliance, and Validation
Book V: Publishing and Site Maintenance
Chapter 1: Domain Registration and Hosting 
Chapter 2: Publishing Your Site 
Chapter 3: Search Engine Optimization and Site Maintenance 


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